December 1, 2022 UMD Home NanoCenter FabLab

Wen-An Chiou

Director, AIM Lab
301-405-0541 (office)
1234 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225

Sz-Chian Liou

Research Associate (Electron Microscopist)
301-405-0551 (office)
1237A Jeong H. Kim Bldg.

Jiancun Rao

Research Associate (FIB/SEM Specialist)
301-405-0561 (office)
1231 Jeong H. Kim Bldg

Philip Piccoli

Senior Research Scientist
301-405-6966 (office)
1109 Geology Building
University of Maryland

Colleges A. James Clark School of Engineering
The College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

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