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COVID-19 : NanoCenter Operations Information

Updated 6/8/2020

Please read our updates to our operations in FabLab, AIM Lab, and partner labs.

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The FabLab is a Class 1000 research cleanroom located in the Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building. The lab supports research and development programs in nano science and technology, micro-electromechanical systems, semiconductors, materials and devices for electronics, bioscience and bioengineering, and sensor/actuator systems. FabLab is open to users from across the university community as well as government and industry.

Classes in FabLab

The FabLab is not only used for work and research. We have a growing number of classes utilizing this state of the art facility giving students hands on experience learning the processes and techniques used to make our electronics and devices.

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The power outage in the Kim building for 12/4 to12/5 has been postponed, so the power will remain on this weekend.


The price of Gold usage for depositions will increase by $10 per 1000Å. The new amount will be $92 per 1000Å effective 12/1/21.


New rates and target limitations are established for AJA ATC Orion 8 Sputtering system. See scheduler reservations for details.


If you run a process that has variable rates (i.e.- ALD, furnace, sputter, etc.), make sure you write in the final dollar amount in the Description of Operation section of your reservation along with the reservation ID number of the original run. Otherwise you will be charged for the full rates.


MAI Dicing saws are both now operational. Saw "A" is available for reservations again


The Raith sevice is finished. A new tip is in and the accelerating voltage will be limited to no higher than 20 kV until 11/22/21 while the new tip settles in.

Using the lab

If you are interested in using the instruments in the lab please complete the steps on the Become a User page. Additionally, introduce yourself to the FabLab staff and discuss your project. This will allow us to understand your needs and develop a plan for your work or research.

Acknowledging NanoCenter and FabLab

The NanoCenter and FabLab need your help! Acknowledging the support given by the NanoCenter in your presentations and publications help us out tremendously.

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The lab is currently operating under Phase 2: Intermediate Presence.

FabLab Contact Information


2302 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building


John Abrahams

Director, FabLab

Jon Hummel

Staff, FabLab

Tom Loughran

Staff, FabLab

Mark Lecates

Staff, FabLab

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