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Current Rates

Tool UMD External Non-Profit / University Small Commercial / MTECH Large Commercial
Process Tools 75 116 158 220
Raith E-Beam1 43 66 98 165
Inspection 40 62 92 160
Hitachi SEM 25 39 60 121
Porosimeter 18 28 49 67
Backside Tools 26 40 61 136
Staff Technical Assistance Time 37 57 63 72

The Maryland NanoCenter FabLab is a Shared Experimental Facility and is open to serve the research needs for members of the campus community, University of Maryland System Schools, outside universities, government agencies, and commercial organizations.

All rates in are in $/hour.

Rates are determined by the type of organization from which the funds are paid.

(1) Rate for Raith eLine system runs of 6 hours or less. For runs longer than six hours, the first six hours will be charged at the published rate and any hours over six hours will be charged at 50% of the regular rate.

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