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James O'Connor

Office: 2212 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225
Lab: 0202 Energy Research Facility #223


Dr. Jim O'Connor directs the FabLab, a nanofabrication laboratory located at the University of Maryland in College Park. FabLab is a state-of-the art clean room complex supporting research programs in nano science and technology. Recent areas of study include: materials and devices for electronics; micromechanical sensors and actuators; lithium battery development; nano robotics; optical components; and bioengineering applications.

Part of the Maryland NanoCenter, the FabLab enables cutting-edge research into nanotechnology for the UMCP engineering and scientific communities, develops future researchers through hands-on laboratory training and promotes a vibrant, nano-based economy in Maryland through close interactions with both established and emerging businesses.

Prior to joining UMCP in 2004, Dr. O'Connor was the North American General Manager of Bookham Technology, a silicon-based optical components manufacturer based in the UK. He joined Bookham following a 25-year career at Bendix, Allied Signal and Honeywell in Columbia, Maryland where he managed programs in microelectronics research and development.

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