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Description Out of Service indefinitely. Always check with John Abrahams before scheduling RTA 410 as alternatinve. The HEATPULSE 410 is rapid thermal processor systems which use high intensity visible radiation to heat single substrates for short periods (typically 1-6,000 seconds although up to 9,999 seconds is available) at precisely controlled temperatures. Key features include: - Closed loop temperature control with thermocouple temp sensing - Precise time-temperature profiles tailored to specific processes - Rapid heating and cooling rates - Consistent sample-to-sample process cycle repeatability - An extensive library of proven recipes Clean chamber is installed. AG Associates model 410 Rapid Thermal Annealer used for annealing samples up to 4" using Thermocouple to 700 degrees Celsius or Pyrometer above 800. Be sure to check status of chamber. There is a clean- only chamber and there is a "dirty" chamber. Give me notice and allow time for change-over at 301-405-6664.
Location FabLab | CVD Tunnel
Manufacturer AG Associated 410
Staff Contact JohnJohn Abrahams
External Non-profit / University
Small Commercial / MTECH
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If you plan to bring external materials into the lab, please notify the FabLab staff to ensure proper safety protocols and any equipment arrangements can be made ahead of your reservation. Please submit an External Materials Request form for each material you will bring.

Fri, Feb 22, 2013
3:15 pm - 3:30 pm
Scott Bauman
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SiC 500C
Mon, Feb 11, 2013
10:00 am - 10:30 am
Tian Li
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Mon, Jan 28, 2013
1:30 pm - 1:45 pm
Kangmook Lim
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Fri, Jan 25, 2013
1:45 pm - 2:00 pm
Hyun-Tae Kim
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700C 20min Oxide
Fri, Jan 25, 2013
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Xinyi Chen
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