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The NanoCenter is organized into three fundamental groups that allow for quick and easy interaction with high efficiency. The FabLab Group services all fabrication needs from advice and training to complete process runs. The AIMLab Group maintains, trains, and images your samples on our SEM and TEM microscopes. The Administration Group handles equipment reservations and billing, travel requests for our members, and IT needs.

  • Sang Bok Lee
    NanoCenter Director, Professor 301-405-7906 1128 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225
    • Wen-An Chiou
      Director, AIMLab 301-405-0541 1234 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225
      • James O'Connor
        FabLab Director, Assistant Director, NanoCenter 301-405-5018 2212 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225
        • Thomas Loughran

          FabLab Staff 301-405-3642 2304 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225
          • Jonathan Hummel
            FabLab Staff 301 405-5017 2304 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225
            • John Abrahams
              Director, FabLab 301-405-6664 2304 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225
              • Mark Lecates
                FabLab Staff 301-405-5197 2304 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225
                • Philip Piccoli
                  Senior Research Scientist 301-405-6966 1109 Geology Building
                  • Sz-Chian Liou
                    Research Associate (Electron Microscopist) 301-405-0551 1237A Jeong H. Kim Bldg.
                    • Martha Heil
                      Science Communicator 301-405-0876 1118 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225
                      • Alice Mobaidin
                        Accounts Administrator 301-405-6047 1119 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225
                        • Ernie Cleveland
                          IT Systems 301-405-0028 1121 Jeong H. Kim Bldg.
                          • Jiancun Rao
                            Research Associate (FIB/SEM Specialist) 301-405-0561 1231 Jeong H. Kim Bldg

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