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Feathers Not Included

Ph.D. student Lena Johnson is working on Robo Raven, a bird-inspired unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).   More»

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Pines Receives UMD President's Medal

The President's Medal is the highest honor the university community can bestow.   More»

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A Novel Graphene Quantum Dot Structure Takes the Cake

UMD-NIST collaboration experimentally confirms electron interactions in a tightly confined space according to long-untested rules of quantum mechanics   More»

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Are you ready to compete in the e-Bike student challenge?

Build a prototype electric bicycle with a range of 125 miles.   More»

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Marina Leite to Give a Plenary Talk at International Conference in Belgium

Dr. Leite will speak on Nanoscale Imaging of Materials for Energy Applications August 22.   More»

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DOE Newsletter features NEES science and science communication

NEES electron microscopy featured; Chemistry grad student pens article   More»

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A New Dimension for Batteries

Nanostructured battery is safe, manufacturing-compatible, and delivers much higher power at high energy   More»

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Gary Rubloff keynote speaker at IEEE nanotechnology conference

Topic: “From Nanostructures to Mesoscale Architectures: Electrochemical Storage for Smart Things.”   More»

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‘Smart Marbles’ hold promise for better outcomes from bioreactors

The marbles, or 'bPods,' will contain microsystems that can “eavesdrop on biology” during fermentation, cell or culture-growing processes.   More»

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New Minor in Global Engineering Leadership

The Clark School now offers a 16-credit minor in Global Engineering Leadership.   More»


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