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Engineering Sustainability Day - "Towards Zero Emissions and Beyond"

Register now for energizing discussion of technologies to zero out emissions   More»

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Hu Research Group Wins Invention of the Year Award

Hu and Li were honored for their high performance graphite-paper composites.   More»

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Solar evaporator offers a fresh route to fresh water

A self-cleaning device made of wood aims to make small-scale desalination more practical.   More»

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Energy Start Up Places 3rd in Battery Competition

Ion Storage Systems one of 5 outstanding finalists in LG Chem Battery Challenge   More»

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Algorithms and Autonomous Discovery

Professor Ichiro Takeuchi uses machine learning to help develop new magnetic materials.   More»

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Machine Learning's Translational Medicine

Axel Krieger, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, specializes in medical robotics and computer vision.   More»

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Measuring Change in the Atmosphere

Akua Asa-Awuku strives to understand the molecular components of the atmosphere that exist at the ultrasmall nanoscale.   More»

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Engineering a Testudo

Testudo became the official mascot of UMD in 1932, and engineering students played a critical role in shaping the prominence of Testudo on campus.   More»

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The Buddy System: Human-Computer Teams

The combination of a human facial recognition expert teamed with a computer running ML analyses of facial image data provides the most accurate facial identification.   More»

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UMD Faculty Awarded ED Grant to Increase Doctoral Degrees in Areas of National Need

The nine-year award is part of ED's Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need program, also known as GAANN.   More»


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