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The Promise of Perovskite Solar Materials: Leite Group investigates the impact of environmental stressors on perovskites.

Invited Perspective published in Joule.   More»

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UMD Engineers Discover Root Cause of Solid-State Battery Failure

Wang group published in Nature Energy.   More»

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Fab Lab lithography instrument now available for high-res imaging

Raith e-LiNE contains best SEM on campus   More»

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AIM Lab Offers SEM, TEM and FIB Short Courses

Microscopy short courses will teach operation of high-tech scopes   More»

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Fluorine "crust" makes powerful, safe battery

UMD engineers create safer, longer lasting and high-capacity solid state battery   More»

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Researchers make liquid crystals do the twist

UMD engineers and scientists measure previously unexamined tiny force.   More»

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NEES in DOE EFRC Newsletter

NEES grad student Sahadeo writes about ALD-enabled solid-state batteries   More»

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Biodegradable color pixels that disappear completely

Vivid colors made of bio-friendly magnesium   More»

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Woehl Group Unravels Novel 'Nanochemistry' with In situ Electron Microscopy

Study published in Chemistry of Materials.   More»

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New Device Widens Light Beams by 400 Times, Broadening Possibilities in Science and Technology

UMD-NIST collaboration produces method to deliver more information in optical systems   More»


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