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Operational Status ‚óŹ Waiting for part/service
Description This Fiji ALD system is capable of both thermal and plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition (ALD), producing monolayer control of deposited material over highly structured topography. ALD precursors and materials they can synthesize change from time to time as ANSLab research evolves.

Downstream mass spectrometry and spectroscopic ellipsometry are available on this system for real-time, in-situ process characterization. See "In-situ sensing in Fiji ALD systems" for more information.

This system is connected by UHV sample/wafer transfer to the integrated system in ANSLab, accommodating multistep experiments involving both materials synthesis, surface modification, and extensive in-situ characterization. See "In-situ sensing in Fiji ALD systems" for more information.

NOTE: Access to ANSLab is typically limited to the Rubloff group and selected close collaborators outside the group. However, on occasion the Rubloff group (1) develops a collaboration or (2) assists with a service for other outside users. If interested, send an email to with a brief description of what you are seeking. The Beneq ALD system in FabLab is an attractive alternative for a shared-user ALD system.
Location ANSLab | 0202 IREAP
External Non-profit / University
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