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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
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Device That Harvests Water From Air Named Top UMD Invention of the Year
Innovate Maryland event also celebrates work on plastic substitutes, cancer detection, quantum science  More »

Crank Up the AC, Not Global Warming
Maryland engineers advance heating and cooling technology to push for a greener future  More »

Safe Lithium Batteries Get a Boost
UMD researchers have developed lithium dendrite suppression parameters and electrolytes for longer-lasting batteries that can operate under extreme conditions.  More »

New Electrolyte Design Could be the Answer for Safer Rechargeable Batteries even in Extreme Cold
UMD published in Nature paper on electrolyte design for high energy batteries capable of operating under extreme temperature conditions.  More »

Selected Publications from NanoCenter's AIM Lab and FabLab
Highlighting recent research performed at the NanoCenter AIM Lab and FabLab.  More »

UMD Scientists Achieve Ultrahigh-Temperature Melt Printing
Direct metal melt printing towards additive manufacturing of multi-principal element alloys  More »

Materials, physics, and systems for multicaloric cooling
UMD’s Ichiro Takeuchi published in Nature Reviews Materials  More »

Maryland Engineering Graduate Programs: Top 10 Public, Four Years in a Row
Maryland Engineering earns a top spot in the 2023 U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools rankings among over 200 colleges.  More »

Novel engineering method enables low-temp sodium metal battery
Study, led by University of Maryland research team, published in Nature Nanotechnology.  More »

Nine Maryland Engineers Recognized as Being "One in 1,000"
Clark School researchers among the "who's who" of influential researchers, according to Clarivate.  More »

UMD top ranked U.S. university for solid-state battery research publications
Elsevier study indicates UMD has highest publication citation index globally  More »

Liangbing Hu’s HighT-Tech Wins 2021 Spinoff Prize
Prize conferred to UMD start-up for innovative catalysis development.  More »

Chunsheng Wang Wins 2021 ECS Battery Division Research Award 
Wang will be recognized at a ceremony during the fall meeting.  More »

'Fluorinated interphase' bolsters water-based zinc battery chemistry
Wang Research Group collaborating with ARL publishes study in Nature Nanotechnology.  More »

Clark School Innovators Honored with Invention of the Year Award Nominations
Among the nine 2021 Invention of the Year nominees, four are led by or include Clark School researchers.  More »

Maryland Graduate Engineering Ranked #10 Public in the Nation
From extreme batteries to windows made from wood, Clark School’s trendsetting work ranks it among the country’s Top 10 public engineering schools for the 3rd consecutive year.  More »

Nanoscale Imaging Method Offers Insight into Alloyed Nanoparticle Synthesis
Woehl research group visualizes how organic ligands contribute to bimetallic nanoparticle synthesis.  More »

CREB Kicks Off 2021 with Meeting to Discuss Future of Battery Research
The virtual meeting aimed to bolster battery technology under extreme conditions.  More »

10 Maryland MSE Faculty Members Ranked in Top 2% of World Scientists
Report prepared by a team of experts at Stanford University.  More »

Scientists Design and Synthesize Denary Oxide Nanoparticles as Highly Stable Catalysts
Multi-Institutional research study made the January 2021 cover of Nature Catalysis.  More »

Hollow, Multi-Metallic Nanoparticles Offer Novel Strategy for Synthesis of Highly Efficient Catalysis
Multi-institutional study makes cover of Advanced Materials.   More »

Seven UMD Engineers Recognized as Highly Cited Researchers
Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers have published multiple papers frequently cited by their peers over the last decade.  More »

Printed Solid-State Batteries
Printable, high-performance solid-state electrolyte films for next generation Li batteries.  More »

New government partner joins UMD’s Center for Research in Extreme Batteries
National Institute of Standards and Technology to collaborate  More »

ARL to Fund $30M in Equipment Innovations for Service Members
UMD announces with the U.S. Army Research Lab agreements in additive manufacturing and battery research.  More »

University of Maryland leads team awarded $7.2M from Army Research Lab
Advancing Transformational Army Batteries  More »

UMD researcher receives new $1M Vehicle Technology Award
Micro-sized silicon anode expands energy capacity  More »

Sulfur Provides Promising 'Next-Gen' Battery Alternative
Multi-institutional research team led by Chunsheng Wang published in PNAS.  More »

UMD Researchers Design ‘Open’ Lithium-ion Battery
The design bolsters both battery safety and performance.  More »

New, superfast method for ceramic manufacturing could open door to AI-driven materials discovery
UMD engineers have reinvented a 26,000-year-old manufacturing process into an innovative approach to fabricating ceramic materials.  More »

High-performance electrolyte solves battery puzzle
UMD poses answer to making a nanostructured battery: a better electrolyte  More »

Micro-reactor Produces Quality Nanoparticles
Research team led by Liangbing Hu publishes study in Materials Today.  More »

Potassium Metal Battery Emerges as a Rival to Lithium-Ion Technology
UMD collaborates on battery-healing development  More »

Brain and Behavior Initiative Hosts 3rd Annual Seed Grant Symposium

Researchers from across UMD convene to discuss the latest projects funded by BBI
  More »

What’s Next for Next-Gen Batteries?
High-energy-density polymeric cathode for fast-charge sodium and multivalent batteries.  More »

ChBE Ph.D. Student Wins Battery500 Young Investigators Award
Tao Deng, advised by Prof Chunsheng Wang, will receive $40K in funding to develop his “salt-in –polymer” electrolyte for Li-metal batteries.  More »

Mapping Nucleation Kinetics with Nanometer Resolution
Towards a more realistic picture of how crystal nucleation occurs at a solid-liquid interface.  More »

MEI² Receives Two New Innovative Vehicle Technology Awards
DOE Awards UMD/MEI$2M for Advance Battery Technology  More »

High Temperature Thermal Shocks Increase Stability of Single Atom Catalysts

Multi-institutional study published in Nature Nanotechnology August 12.
  More »

UMD/MEI2 Energy Innovation Featured at ARPA-E 2019
ARPA-E Marks 10 Years of Technology Innovation  More »

YH Wang Awarded 2019 Kirwin Faculty Research & Scholarship Prize
Prof YH Wang is recognized for innovative work on meta materials that respond to temperature and humidity.  More »

Korean Energy Company and UMD Partner to Create Next-Gen Batteries
CMNS and Clark School faculty lead project  More »

Reversible Chemistry Clears Path for Safer Batteries
UMD and ARL scientists create water-based battery with outstanding performance  More »

Engineering Sustainability Day - "Towards Zero Emissions and Beyond"
Register now for energizing discussion of technologies to zero out emissions  More »

Wang Group Develops Highly Reversible 5.3 V Battery
Research paper published in Chem.  More »

NanoCenter Hot Papers Newsletter, Issue 1: ALD
Every six months, we round up interesting and significant papers that include work done in AIMLab or FabLab.   More »

Scientists Develop First Fabric to Automatically Cool or Insulate Depending on Conditions
University of Maryland researchers have created a fabric that dynamically regulates heat passing through it  More »

Nanostructure of carbon and metal could solve potassium-battery puzzle
Rational design produces a missing piece of battery chemistry for cheaper, capacious batteries  More »

UMD Engineers Discover Root Cause of Solid-State Battery Failure
Wang group published in Nature Energy.  More »

Fluorine "crust" makes powerful, safe battery
UMD engineers create safer, longer lasting and high-capacity solid state battery  More »

Woehl Group Unravels Novel 'Nanochemistry' with In situ Electron Microscopy
Study published in Chemistry of Materials.  More »

Advance could yield safer, longer-range electric car batteries
Chemical engineers pack more energy in same space for reliable battery.  More »

ChBE PhD Candidate Fudong Han Wins 2018 Dean's Doctoral Research Award
Han took third place in the annual Clark School competition.  More »

A higher-energy, safer and longer-lasting zinc battery
Researchers revive an old chemistry with a new electrolyte.  More »

Chungsheng Wang Receives UMD's 17th ARPA-E Award
Grant will fund research of carbon-neutral fuel with high energy density.  More »

Scientists Mix the Unmixable to Create 'Shocking' Nanoparticles
Researchers are the first to create nanoscale particles composed of up to eight distinct elements generally known to be immiscible.  More »

Biofilm Made of Cellulose Nanofibers Offers Robust, Eco-friendly Materials for Emerging Applications
Corresponding research paper published in Advanced Materials.  More »

Sandwich Battery with ‘Melty’ Layer is Safe, Robust
UMD engineers create all-ceramic battery with long cycle life  More »

Strength in Numbers, Especially Family Groups
UMD ChBE researchers develop a cluster of azo materials for use in alkali-ion batteries.  More »

UMD ChBE Researchers Continue Search for Li-Battery Stabilization
Corresponding research paper published in CHEM magazine.   More »

UMD Researchers Focus Energy on Current Collector Improvements
Research paper published in Advanced Energy Materials.  More »

Novel Battery Cathode Design Inspired by Your Typical Cotton ‘T’
Research, conducted by Professor Liangbing Hu’s group, published in Advanced Materials.   More »

Organic Processes Inspire Technological Innovation
ChBE researchers develop self-healing battery chemistryMore »

UMD Researchers Develop Stable, Robust Li-ion Battery Chemistry
New battery created by Chunsheng Wang's group offers safety, durability and flexibility.   More »

MSE Students Selected as Finalists for the 2017 Collegiate Inventors Competition
Stretchable Silicon Photovoltaics is a new design for silicon solar cells.  More »

UMD Researchers Offer Solution to Volatile Battery Chemistry in Electronics
4.0V Water-Based Li-ion Batteries Achieved by ChBE Professor Chunsheng Wang's Research Group  More »

UMD ECS Student Chapter receives national award
A record of excellence  More »

UMD engineers invent the first bio-compatible, ion current battery
One-of-a-kind device stores electrons  More »

Decade of TMV research leads to never-before-seen microsystems for energy storage, biosensors and self-sustaining systems
Long-term Ghodssi-Culver partnership has used the Tobacco mosaic virus as a biological nanoscaffold for groundbreaking devices.  More »

Ghodssi, Bentley receive NSF EAGER grant to develop ingestible capsules for medical diagnosis
"Gut-Nav" capsules will be designed to detect problems in the gastro-intestinal tract, including pancreatic cancer and inflammatory bowel disease screening.  More »

ChBE PhD Candidate Wins MRS Gold Award
Fudong Han focuses his research on improving the all-solid-state-battery.  More »

Stacked nanocrystals offer a new twist on handedness
UMD physics prof control 'chirality' in tiny inorganic arrangements  More »

Cheaper, Faster and Longer Lasting: What Magnesium Iodine Chemistry Can Offer
Chunsheng Wang's research group is developing a rechargeable magnesium/iodine battery for daily consumer use.  More »

YuHuang Wang, NEES PI, talks nanotube protection in video abstract
Advanced materials journal article displays new video abstract  More »

NSF Awards $3.45M National Innovation Ecosystem Grant to University of Maryland
UMD is one of seven lead universities in NSF’s I-Corps ecosystem.  More »

A View Through Wood Shows Futuristic Applications
Transparent wood made at UMD could create new windows, cars and solar panels  More »

CREB Kicks Off its Research and Innovation Seed Grant Program
Collaboration between UMD, NIST, and ARL facilitated by seed grant from the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries.  More »

New Rate Information
Explanation of new rates at Maryland NanoCenter  More »

UMD & Army Researchers Discover Salty Solution to Better, Safer Batteries
Greatest potential uses seen in safety-critical, automotive and grid-storage applications  More »

Experts available for comment on upcoming Nobels
Lithium-ion batteries and nanowires are candidates for chemistry and physics prizes; UMD scientists can explain importance  More »

High Energy at Extreme Battery Center’s First Meeting
New research center expands scope and draws regional experts.  More »

For Batteries, One Material Does It All
Revolutionary material could create safer, simpler and more efficient all-in-one batteries  More »

UMD, MIT team for new 'superhydrophobic surfaces' patent
Nano/micro surface mimics wetlands plants' ability to resist moisture, self clean.  More »

UMD Partners with Army to Launch Extreme Battery Research Center
New center cofounded by ChBE professor Chunsheng Wang.  More »

UMERC Researchers Came Out in Force at the ARPA-E Summit
UMERC Faculty promoted their transformative energy research last week at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit  More »

Ph.D. Student Guannan Liu Develops Novel Micro-Heater
ECE researchers earn cover page spot in Microelectronic Engineering, a Elsevier journal.  More »

Nanoparticles Add Zest to Search for Drug Delivery Methods
Food scientists’ recipe for nanoparticles delivers results  More »

UMERC's Advanced Energy Storage Technology Selected by NASA
Energy storage research at UMERC has been selected by NASA to potentially power future space missions.  More »

Department of Energy renews NEES EFRC for four years
The center develops highly ordered nanostructures that offer a unique way of looking at the science of energy storage.  More »

Room To Move: Spacing Graphite Layers Makes a Better Battery Anode
New process designed to make Na-ion batteries an effective alternative to Li-ion.  More »

NSF-Backed DC I-Corps Kicks Off First Cohort with 20 Federal Laboratory, University and Regional Inventors, Entrepreneur Teams
The Silicon Valley-tested, Lean Startup-based initiative is slated to train 300 top entrepreneurial research teams over three years.  More »

Wang Wins 2013 Junior Faculty Research Award
Research in energy conversion and storage systems serves as model for field.  More »

UMD Researchers Awarded Two ARPA-E Grants for Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Systems
Eric Wachsman and Chunsheng Wang receive funding to create innovative batteries for electric vehicle energy storage systems.  More »

Chem-E Car Team Heads to National Competition Once Again!
Team Thirsty Turtles will take "Pride of Maryland" to San Francisco in November.  More »

UMD Scientists and Engineers Present Papers at American Chemical Society Meeting
Exploring “the chemistry of energy and food” … and more  More »

The Smallest Materials of All: Seeing, Making and Testing Materials at the Nanoscale
Presentations at the Materials Research Society's 2013 meeting showcase medical, energy developments      More »

Nano ?Beads on a String? Could Advance Battery Technology
Pulsing with lithium, tiny silicon beads on a nanotube hold promise for better batteries  More »

NanoCenter Members Present Papers at Upcoming APS Meeting in Baltimore
Largest physics meeting hosts more than twenty NanoCenter presentations    More »

Hierarchical three-dimensional electrode paper featured in ACS Nano
Work by Tobacco mosaic virus research team describes a novel approach for development of next generation micro-batteries.  More »

Dr. Santiago Solares Wins Department of Energy's Early Career Award
Mechanical engineering professor to use atomic force microscopy to study real-time degradation of fuel cells and batteries.  More »

Controlling chemistry improves potential of carbon nanotubes
Nanotechnology breakthrough could lead to better batteries, more sensitive biosensors.  More »

YuHuang Wang Wins NSF CAREER Award
One of four awards given to NanoCenter members  More »

Bad Virus Put to Good Use
In breakthrough batteries, virally structured nano-electrodes boost energy capacity 10-fold.  More »

A Longer Life for Lithium Ion Batteries
Nanoparticles show promise for energy storage  More »

Oehrlein Receives IBM Faculty Award
Nano research recognized  More »

New Battery Research Highlighted by Discovery News, Nanowerk
Viruses used as structural template for lithium ion battery components.  More »

Clark School hosts PowerMEMS 2009 attendees for luncheon, lab tours
Six laboratories showcased in special tours.  More »

Cumings Leads EFRC Nanowire Team
Research designed to increase effectiveness of lithium ion batteries.  More »

Ghodssi, Wang, Culver Awarded Nanobiotechnology Grant
Study to develop micro-fabricated batteries  More »

NanoCenter Improves Energy Storage Options
Maryland NanoCenter researchers create new device to store electrical energy.  More »

WUSA-9 Highlights NanoCenter Advances in Energy by Wang and Jackson
Local television station highlights nanocenter research toward new energy sources in it coverage "Fill your tank with sugart beets?" on Feb 23, featuring two faculty members and their research programs.  More »


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Publication List
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    Small, 2013-02
    doi: 10.1002/smll.201202512
  • 9. 3D tin anodes prepared by electrodeposition on a virus scaffold
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  • 11. Reactivation of dissolved polysulfides in Li–S batteries based on atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 in nanoporous carbon cloth
    Xiaogang Han, Yunhua Xu, Xinyi Chen, Yu-Chen Chen, Nicholas Weadock, Jiayu Wan, Hongli Zhu, Yonglin Liu, Heqin Li, Gary Rubloff, Chunsheng Wang, Liangbing Hu
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    Khim Karki, Yujie Zhu, Yihang Liu, Chuan-Fu Sun, Liangbing Hu, YuHuang Wang, Chunsheng Wang, John Cumings
    ACS Nano, 2013-08, pp.130829200614003-
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  • 18. In Situ Atomic-Scale Imaging of Phase Boundary Migration in FePO4Microparticles During Electrochemical Lithiation
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  • 23. Elastic Modulus Measurements on Large Diameter Nanowires using a Nanoassembled Platform
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    doi: 10.1115/1.4028045
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    Advanced Energy Materials, 2014-11, (), pp.n/a-n/a
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    Nano Energy, 2015-02, 13 (), pp.467-473
    doi: 10.1016/j.nanoen.2015.02.021
  • 34. A Battery Made from a Single Material
    Fudong Han, Tao Gao, Yujie Zhu, Karen J. Gaskell, Chunsheng Wang
    Advanced Materials, 2015-05, (), pp.
    doi: 10.1002/adma.201500180
  • 35. Ether-based electrolyte enabled Na/FeS2 rechargeable batteries
    Yujie Zhu, Liumin Suo, Tao Gao, Xiulin Fan, Fudong Han, Chunsheng Wang
    Electrochemistry Communications, 2015-02, 54 (), pp.18-22
    doi: 10.1016/j.elecom.2015.02.006
  • 36. Solid-State Fabrication of SnS2/C Nanospheres for High-Performance Sodium Ion Battery Anode
    Jingjing Wang, Chao Luo, Jianfeng Mao, Yujie Zhu, Xiulin Fan, Tao Gao, Alice C. Mignerey, Chunsheng Wang
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015-05, (), pp.150521072006001
    doi: 10.1021/acsami.5b02413
  • 37. Scalable synthesis of Na3V2(PO4)3/C porous hollow spheres as a cathode for Na-ion batteries
    Jianfeng Mao, Chao Luo, Tao Gao, Xiulin Fan, Chunsheng Wang
    J. Mater. Chem. A, -0001-11, 3 (19), pp.10378-10385
    doi: 10.1039/C5TA01007A
  • 38. Scalable Synthesis of Defect Abundant Si Nanorods for High-Performance Li-Ion Battery Anodes
    Jing Wang, Xiangcai Meng, Xiulin Fan, Wenbo Zhang, Hongyong Zhang, Chunsheng Wang
    ACS Nano, 2015-05, (), pp.150529132312008
    doi: 10.1021/acsnano.5b02565
  • 39. Superior Stable Self-Healing SnP3 Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries
    Xiulin Fan, Jianfeng Mao, Yujie Zhu, Chao Luo, Liumin Suo, Tao Gao, Fudong Han, Sz-Chian Liou, and Chunsheng Wang
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