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Thursday, October 13, 2016
10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
AV Williams 2460
For More Information:
Martha Heil
301 405 0876

Refreshments 10:30

Colloquium: 11:00 am -- noon

Abstract: Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) technology enables optical systems to be miniaturized and fabricated on semiconductor chips. Just as electronic integrated circuits revolutionized electronics by miniaturizing transistor circuitry, PICs integrate lasers and other optical devices to route and process information with reduced size and power. PICs can also scale in complexity to do things that would not be possible using conventional optical design approaches. By putting these components on a single platform, PICs have the potential to advance technology in ways never before possible. Targeted markets include: Ultra-high-speed transmission of signals for telecommunications; Compact biomedical sensor applications; Multi-sensor applications including urban navigation, free space optical communications, and quantum information sciences; Electronic warfare, analog RF sensing, and chemical/biological detection.

Liehr will describe the technical goals, operational framework, near-term milestones, and opportunities for the broader photonics community of the recently established American Institute for Manufacturing Photonics, of which he is the CEO. AIM Photonics is a manufacturing consortium headquartered in NY, with funding from the US Department of Defense, New York State, California and Massachusetts, and industrial partners. AIM Photonics believes its collaborative approach will put in place an end-to-end photonics “ecosystem” that includes domestic foundry access, integrated design tools, automated packaging, assembly and testing, and workforce development, plus create a standardized platform to make it easier to scale the technology across multiple markets for companies of all sizes.

Michael Liehr is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute for Manufacturing (AIM) of Integrated Photonics, one of nine centers under the Federal Integrated Manufacturing Initiative. As Principal Investigator for a $610M program, he assembled a multi-partner team to pursue integrated photonics manufacturing technology, system integration, and business opportunities. He also serves as SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Vice President for Research. Trained as a solid state physicist in Aachen, Germany, his subsequent research career began at IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, where he pursued and then led innovative approaches to electronic materials and processing, followed by research management assignments in Manufacturing Research, culminating in his status as IBM Distinguished Engineer. Subsequently he moved to SUNY in Albany as Principal Investigator of an SRC center for post-CMOS devices and General Manager of the Global 450mm Consortium moving the semiconductor industry to 12” wafers.

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