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4th Annual Clean Energy and Sustainability Extravaganza

It’s all about cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship   More»

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Professor Salamanca-Riba receives $2M in Advanced Manufacturing Award

Reducing material usage and energy waste   More»

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Scholarship Opportunity for Transfer Students

Announcing the Clark Opportunity Transfer Scholars Program for Maryland community college students.   More»

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Strength in Numbers, Especially Family Groups

UMD ChBE researchers develop a cluster of azo materials for use in alkali-ion batteries.   More»

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New Fuel Cell has Exceptional Power Density and Stability

Discovery presents a significant step toward lower fuel cell costs and more sustainable energy.   More»

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Turning Up the Heat

New thermoelectric material, made of reduced graphene oxide, can withstand heat up to 3,000 K- will be used to collect waste heat and convert it into electrical energy.   More»

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Wood Provides a Spongy, Eco-Friendly Replacement for Synthetic Materials

Liangbing Hu’s research group develops wood-based aerogel, published in ACS Nano.   More»

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Super Wood Could Replace Steel

A new process could make wood as strong as titanium alloy but lighter and cheaper   More»

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Article on Maryland TMV research named 'Highlight of 2017' by the journal Nanotechnology

Authors include Faheng Zang, Sangwook Chu, Konstantinos Gerasopoulos, James Culver and Reza Ghodssi.   More»

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UMD ChBE Researchers Continue Search for Li-Battery Stabilization

Corresponding research paper published in CHEM magazine.    More»


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