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Across the University of Maryland, we recognize that a diversity of backgrounds, identities, and experiences is essential to an excellent learning environment. We are proud that our university is nationally recognized as the most welcoming for LGBTQ+ students, reflecting a campus-wide commitment to provide robust support to the LGBTQ+ community and to foster an inclusive campus experience.

At the A. James Clark School of Engineering, we recognize the crucial role LGBTQ+ engineers play in our school, university, and profession. As we commemorate LGBTQ+ History Month during the month of October, we support and share resources and events for the Clark School’s LGBTQ+ students and allies.

UMD’s LGBTQ+ Student Groups

Note: Most groups center around discussion. All groups are student-run and open to newcomers and respectful allies. Contact groups for meeting information.

Ace Space

Ace Space* is a queer group welcoming all students on the aromantic/asexual spectrum.

Contact: (unofficial) Discord

Black Queer Students

Black Queer Students* addresses the experiences of black and queer intersectionality, cultural celebration, and college life.

Contact: (unofficial) Discord

Campus Queers and Allies (CQA)

CQA* discusses topics relevant to the queer community and occasionally hosts game nights, movie nights, and more.

Contact: (unofficial) Discord, (unofficial) GroupMe

The Femme Alignment

The Femme Alignment* provides a space for all queer and trans women as well as gender non-conforming individuals.

Contact: (unofficial) Discord

Gaysians at UMD

Gaysians at UMD seeks to create a supportive community for LGBTQ+ Asian students and allies and holds social and professional events, such as karaoke, platonic speed dating, and Professional Diversity and Inclusion Night.

Contact: (unofficial) Discord, (unofficial) Instagram: @gaysiansumd

Greek Alliance UMD

Greek Alliance UMD encourages a culture of inclusion for LGBTQ+ individuals within Greek Life, offering workshops to chapters to help them make their spaces more welcoming to queer individuals.

Contact: (unofficial) Instagram: @greekallianceumd

The Masculine Alliance

The Masculine Alliance provides a safe space for queer-identified men to join for discussion, socialization, and fun activities.

Contact: (unofficial) GroupMe

Nice Jewish Queers (NJQ)

NJQ* is a part of Hamsa, which aims to foster the creation of a dynamic and active Jewish LGBTQ+ campus community and is open to all denominations and identities.

Contact: TerpLink; (unofficial) Instagram: @hamsaumd

Out in STEM (oSTEM)

oSTEM offers a safe space for LGBTQ+ students in or interested in the STEM fields to discuss intersectional issues in STEM, socialize, and engage in professional development.

Contact: TerpLink; (unofficial) Discord

Queer Crafting

Queer Crafting is a club open to individuals of all skill levels looking for an experience that combines the joy of crafting with the warmth of friendship and acceptance.

Contact: TerpLink

Queers with Disabilities

Queers with Disabilities* offers a space for those who identify both as queer and disabled to meet new people and explore intersection between these two vibrant communities.

Contact: (unofficial) GroupMe

ReBorn This Way

ReBorn This Way* invites all queer-identified Christians, including those struggling with or questioning their religious, gender, romantic, or sexual identities.

Contact: (unofficial) GroupMe

Queer and Trans in Public Policy (QTiPP)

QTiPP seeks to connect students and alums interested in the intersection of public policy and the LGBTQ+ communities, including but not limited to those in the Maryland School of Public Policy.


TransU* welcomes transgender students and students questioning their gender and is inclusive on non-binary identities.

Contact: (unofficial) Discord; (unofficial) GroupMe

WeSkate UMD

WeSkate UMD is a skate club created to provide a safe space to encourage more women, non-binary, gender nonconforming, and LGBTQ+ Terps to skate and is open to all skill levels.

Contact: TerpLink; (unofficial) Instagram: @weskateumd; (unofficial) Discord, (unofficial) GroupMe

*Part of Pride Alliance, which works closely with the LBGTQ+ Equity Center and Multicultural Involvement Community Advocacy (MICA) to support LGBTQ+ students on campus by providing community, support and advocacy for queer and trans Terps and by educating the broader community about LGBTQ+ identities and experiences. Groups that don’t fall under Pride Alliance have registered separately with the Student Org Resource Center and the UMD Student Government Association but may partner with Pride Alliance. Learn more on TerpLink.

LGBTQ+ History Month Events

The Clark School DEI Committee is hosting an LGBTQ+ History Month Ice Cream Social. In addition to Maryland Dairy ice cream, there will be representatives from the LGBTQ+ Equity Center, MICA, Engineering Graduate Student Society and UMD’s chapter of Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM) on hand to share information, resources, and swag. Please RSVP so that we may estimate supplies.

When: October 9, from 3–5pm
Where: Kim Building Rotunda

MICA has coordinated a calendar of events in celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month. Events include Voices of Pride and Progress, a queer panel of alums with Q&A; a Queer Open Mic; Reflect, Realign: A Queer Activist Art Workshop; a Cookies and Consent workshop; a Penthouse Sweets Social: LGBTQ+ Students in Tech; and more.

Resources for LGBTQ+ Students

LGBTQ+ Equity Center

Located in a Marie Mount Hall office, the LGBTQ+ Equity Center is the hub of queer student life on campus, housing many resources and hosting involvement opportunities. The center draws Terps for meetings of student groups, to talk over issues with staff members, and to socialize. As it enters its 25th anniversary year, the LGBTQ+ Equity Center welcomes new director Kristopher Oliveira.

The Office of Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy

The Office of Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy (MICA) advances a diverse campus climate by conducting student-centered advising, advocacy, practices, and programs; the Pride Alliance student groups listed above are advised through MICA’s LGBTQ+ Involvement and Advocacy program.

October 2, 2023

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