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In order to build stronger community ties between faculty involved in the NanoCenter, we encourage interested University of Maryland faculty to become Members of the Maryland NanoCenter. Prospective members are encouraged to discuss this with the Director if they have any questions. Applications are reviewed by the Director to confirm the individual's research relevance to nano (from its scientific underpinnings to its applications), and the designation is then complete.

Becoming a Member starts simply with completing the membership agreement. Please email the signed agreement to


  • NanoCenter faculty member designation

  • Access to shared software

  • Public relations support

  • Meeting and proposal support

  • Opportunity to propose NanoColloquia or other seminars


  • NanoCenter-URC designation
    All nano related proposals by NanoCenter members must be designated "NanoCenter-URC" proposals. This ensures the NanoCenter, an established University Research Center, receives important financial benefits. This does not affect DRIF to members' home departments/units, or to members as PI.
  • Access to public information
    Members agree to allow the NanoCenter to gather selected information (publications, patents, etc.) from the public domain as well as college and departmental resources for use in promoting their profile on the NanoCenter website. The NanoCenter will use only data which are publicly accessible through other routes (Web of Science, patent databases, etc.) and specific data supplied by the member and affiliated college or department (reprints, images, etc.).
  • Feedback
    Members are encouraged to provide feedback on NanoCenter status, operations, and opportunities. Commendations and suggested improvements provide guidance for NanoCenter priorities and processes.
  • Intellectual environment and community
    Members have a responsibility, in a general sense, to contribute and help foster an exciting and highly professional community of nano science and technology researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs, and to convey this to their external colleagues.
  • Acknowledgment of NanoCenter in publications and presentations
    Members are strongly encouraged to include a phrase when acknowledging support that explicitly cites the Maryland NanoCenter.

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