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The Maryland NanoCenter strives to serve the community by providing needed research tools that can benefit it's members at a reduced cost to the institution. We have worked with various faculty members to identify widely used software, that are not available through the university IT department, and secure group license rates.

Available Software

  • CrystalMaker

    The NanoCenter has purchased a Perpetual License for the CrystalMaker suite. Please contact Alice Mobaidin (mobaidin@umd.edu) to make arrangements for purchasing a license.


    Cost: $300/group
    Website: www.crystalmaker.com

  • Origin

    Version: 8
    Cost: $500
    Website: www.originlab.com

    We have a limited number of copies for Origin 8. Please contact Alice Mobaidin by email (mobaidin@umd.edu, include your advisor's name and an FRS #) to purchase.

    NanoCenter OriginPro Student Reimbursement

    The NanoCenter will reimburse UMD students up to $35 for purchasing OriginPro Student Version. OriginLab requires the student must purchase using a card that matches the name on their student ID.

    1 year license cost: $69.00
    6 month license cost: $29.95

    Once purchased, please fill out and submit the reimbursement form. You must be signed into your UMD Google Account to access the form.

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