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Fundamental Science at the Nanoscale

The NanoCenter community includes a strong focus on fundamental science, enabled particularly by advances in experimental techniques and increasingly by computational sciences. The invention of the scanning tunneling microscope, a primary driver for nanoscience, stimulated UMD researchers to lead the development of a portfolio of related scanning nanoprobe techniques, and the NanoCenter benefits from its members who created this legacy. NanoCenter researchers have also pushed the forefronts of in-situ electron microscopy, nanoparticle synthesis, spin-polarized electrons and magnetic phenomena, low-dimensional carbon nanostructures (such as nanotubes and graphene), nano-confined electrochemistry, and single-molecule and single-cell studies. New scientific challenges are also emerging at the meso scale - bridging nano to micro - from phenomena that appear when nanostructures are massively aggregated as required for key applications.

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