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NanoDay 2016 & EM Workshops

Play NanoDay's Quiz Bowl

Think you know all about your discipline? Challenge yourself at NanoDay 2016's Quiz Bowl.

How It Works

Game Setup

Two teams of four will compete in each round. We expect there will be two rounds.

Then there will be a playoff round for the two winning teams.


The moderator will ask a question open to both teams. You may buzz in at any time during the question. You may not confer with teammates on this answer.

If the answer given is wrong, the other team will get a chance to buzz in to answer. No conferring.

The team that answers correctly will then get a bonus question, for which they may confer on the answer.

One point awarded for each open question answered, two points for a bonus question.

Fifteen open questions will be asked during each round. The team with the most points wins!


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